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    Tired of losing orders to national companies or companies known as ORDER GATHERERS? Then stop giving them your customers. YES WE CAN shops will do everything in their power to complete the request of customers & fellow florists.

    Are you tired of taking orders from Ava's, Just Flowers, From You and on and on with the gathering going on?  Don't blame them.....please drop me a line and allow me to share how you can make a difference

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  • Success is not for everyone...

    Are you tired of losing orders to national companies or companies known as ORDER GATHERERS? Then stop giving them your customers.

    Remember the old adage, "If you don't take care of your customer SOMEBODY else will."

    Please answer the following questions

    Do you agree that:

    • Customers use flowers to convey a message?
    • IN many cases the timeliness of the delivery and card message is more important than the actual gift being delivered?
    • Nobody NEEDS our products. People NEED food, medication and other necessities, flowers and most of our gifts are by choice.

    If you do, then YOU qualify to be a YES WE CAN florist!

    What does this really mean?

    It means you agree to do your best to answer every questions with YES WE CAN. Even if you are in a holiday and it is noon at Valentine's Day and your customer asks for delivery that same day. Instead of saying NO. Try YES WE CAN and by the time we complete the requests that came in before yours, it would need to be delivered tomorrow. However, if you would like to stop over, we can have your flowers prepared for you by the time you arrive.

    It is about a positive result.

    Just because you may not be able to deliver today, that doesn't mean you can't have a bouquet for them to pick up and if they still want delivery you have explained why it would be tomorrow. Let's LOSE the word NO and answer with options!

    Concierge service.

    That's right, in many ways, we are an elite concierge service. We provide same day delivery and it is worth every penny you charge for the service. I have found that it is not that florists don't want to provide the service, they just want to be paid for it. AGREED. Set the menu and start answering the phones with confidence!

    We PROMISE your sales will rise if you just commit to this commitment. YES WE CAN is a commitment not a promise!

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